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Data is important for business and so are the cables that send and receive the data. How many data cables do you have in your business? Every PC, phone, server, wifi point, printer, CCTV camera, access door and router needs a cable to be able to communicate with your business.  

Structured cabling for your business are the cables you don’t see, they are embedded into your walls, ceilings and floors to allow all your devices to communicate in an organised and efficient way.  

At Smart Ideas we can design and install a structured cabling system for your business that will provide an efficient and reliable data network and also allow you to easily add new devices such as PC’s, phones, printers etc. 

The types of cable we install are dependant on your application and usage. For most applications CAT5e or CAT6 type cables will be sufficient for connections between devices and servers. Fibre optic cabling is used to provide backbone connections between servers, departments or buildings but can also be used to provide high speed connections direct to your desktop. 


Networking Projects

Sorting Machine Network Cabling

Data Cabling, Fibre Optic Installation

CAT6 Installation for The Range

Networking, Data Cabling, Fibre Optic Installation

176,000 sq. ft distribution centre

Networking, Data Cabling, Fibre Optic Installation, Wifi Cabling

Training Room Network

Networking, Data Cabling, Fibre Optic Installation

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