Crowd Control Cameras

Crowd Control Cameras

It’s always great to know we’ve really helped our customers. It was a pleasure to help Mansfield Town Football Club and we look forward to working with them in the future. Here’s what we did…

The requirement…

Mansfield Town Football Club needed to upgrade their existing CCTV network to provide an enhanced view of the stadium. The requirement was to provide replacement and/or additional cameras in key positions inside and outside the stadium to allow the safety team to improve crowd safety management by improving the ability to monitor and manage crowd movement and behaviour at all stages of an event.

The solution…

Smart Ideas worked closely with MTFC to design a solution that would meet their requirements.

This included:

  • External high definition moveable IP positioning cameras with long range zoom lens’ installed opposite the West Stand.
  • The cameras have the ability to zoom into all areas of the stadium to identify congestion issues or potential trouble spots.
  • Additional high resolution screens fitted in the control room.
  • High capacity NVR (network video recorder) to enable live view, remote view and recording of all images 24 /7.

The feedback…

“The new cameras and monitors provide us with the exact solution we were looking for. We can now monitor all aspects of crowd movement and behaviour and react in the appropriate way. The new system has also been welcomed by the Safety Advisory Group as an improvement to crowd safety at the club.”

Alan Lakin | Safety Officer | MTFC


Mansfield Town Football Club


23 April 2020